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Poodle Rescue

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Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club Rescue
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Poodle Rescue is a non-profit organization staffed by club members. When we are notified of a pure bred poodle in need of a new home, the rescue committee will determine if it is a candidate for rescue. Two areas we pay special attention to are temperament and health.

Since temperament is the single biggest determining factor in the successful placement of a poodle, we ask you to carefully fill out a questionnaire so that we can get a clear idea of what kind of dog will make you happy. The vast majority of our placements are very successful. There is, however, some uncertainty in this process; and, we do ask you to keep that in mind when you invite a poodle into your home. A little patience and understanding go a long way in allowing the new relationship to get started in a satisfying and rewarding way.


When new dogs are accepted into the program we must rely on the previous owner’s information for medical history and condition. Before placement, all dogs are spayed or neutered, given annual vaccinations (excluding rabies because certification must be in the owner’s name), checked for heartworm and started on preventative, and treated for any other medical concern that is immediately diagnosed.

Unfortunately, some problems are not immediately apparent, and since there may be no history on the dog, the new owners should be prepared (and budget) for medical surprises. Our adoption fee, which averages $150/up, will cover the cost of the dog’s expenses to the point of adoption.

Fortunately for poodle lovers and the dogs themselves, we do not have an overflowing supply of poodles in need of a new home. The ones that do arrive do so in an unpredictable fashion. Toys, miniatures, and standards; males and females in all colors come to us. There are times when no poodles come to us. If you are sincere in wanting to give a good home to a poodle that deserves it, please be patient.


Thank you for contacting Poodle Rescue. We hope we can help you soon.

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